On Montauk by Celine Keating

On Montauk by Celine Keating


Why an anthology of fiction, poetry, and essay on Montauk?

One of the world’s great fishing ports; site of the first cattle ranch in the US; refuge for Teddy Roosevelt’s Roughriders back from San Juan Hill; rum-runner headquarters during Prohibition; very nearly the Miami Beach of the north; site of the premier US lighthouse; home to unique, endangered species and second home to generations of New York firefighters, police, teachers, artists, and writers; a major defense installation during World War II and the Cold War—Montauk packs more history, culture, nature, and mystery into its few square miles than perhaps any other locale in the US.

Now, more than fifty writers and photographers celebrate this unique place, just at the moment when it is chalenged on the one hand by an invasion of entrepreneurs, and on the other, by rising seawaters that threaten its homes and beaches.

Paperback, 2016

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